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White vs. Brown (Bread)

White vs. Brown (Bread)

Brown or whole wheat bread is heralded as the healthier choice. Does it really deserve its acclaim?

The only meaningful difference lies in the levels of sodium and dietary fiber of the two. The dietary fiber slows digestion down so that the starches convert to blood sugar more slowly. However the higher glycemic content in white bread can be mitigated by adding slower-to-digest foods to your meal. Incidentally, unbleached white flour is better for you than bleached.

Both white and whole wheat breads are healthy additions to most diets when eaten in moderation.
Freshly baked
Choithrams has an in house bakery that produces products under the name Bake mart. The products include an assortment of freshly baked bread, cookies, pastries and muffins. Special varieties of Bavarian wholemeal bread, Country style Ciabatta, Heidi bread and many more are available. Granary biscuits, Focaccia rolls, puffs with different delicious fillings, fruit and chocolate cakes and muffins, fresh fruit pastries and cakes are ready to be picked up and savored.

We also stock up on fresh bread loaves - brown, white and whole meal, Khubz and all other fresh bakery produce from the local bakeries such as: Modern Bakery, Golden Loaf Bakery, Al Jadeed Bakery and Capricorn Bakery

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